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As an assessor we are often asked to take a look at an appraisal that was prepared for a taxpayer. In critiquing or reviewing these reports we may ask ourselves, what is this appraiser doing? This is a really bad appraisal. Well you didn’t really expect to see a good appraisal on the property did you? You’re the Assessor. 
Although our job is about values it always comes down to taxes. The easiest way to reduce property taxes is to find the appraiser that champions the cause, and provides a report that has an agenda. Yes this is unethical and can even be illegal. I truly believe almost all appraisers are very ethical and will never work this way. However in every profession there are some shady characters and often these are the reports the assessor sees. 
In this seminar we will examine the telltale signs of an appraisals that are intended to mislead and the reports that are truly objective. We will learn the most common ways an appraisal can mislead; this is accomplished by techniques like “Death by a thousand cuts” or the Omission. We will also learn what questions to ask of the appraiser and exactly what you can do about it, if the report is found to be faulty. 
This Seminar is structured for all levels of assessment professionals and will cover both Residential and Commercial Reports. We will be involved in case studies so blow the dust off your calculator and bring it to class.